Embrace innovation with CleverDo NFT-26 B-Shares



 26 x CleverDo Payment Technologies Ltd B-Shares
 1.0 Solana (SOL)

Value approx. $100

Mint Max
Num Minted
$ 0
Share Value
0 %
Open to be Minted

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Opportunity to Invest In CleverDo

This NFT series not only represents a financial interest in CleverDo but also provides exclusive insights into the company’s performance. Each NFT serves as a digital certificate of investment, entitling the holder to a share of the depicted financial year’s success, and the value of the unique NFT.

Mint NFT B-Share with CleverDo

Explore What We Are Doing Better

A potential to increased the value of the NFT, and a unique opportunity to own digital shares in a bank, making it an attractive investment in the evolving digital economy.

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Wish You Had Invested In the Tech Giants?

Have you ever regretted missing opportunities for early investments in industry giants such as Google or Facebook? Presently, an opportunity awaits you to participate in the emergence of the next significant venture. Our B-Shares present a distinctive opportunity poised to become a focal point in the investment landscape of tomorrow. Seize this moment and ensure you do not let it slip away.

three steps to Invest

Count on CleverDo for Support at Every Step

Company shares will be among various assets transformed into non-fungible tokens in the future. We’re here to guide you in comprehending and capitalizing on the future of  NFTs corporate.

Step 01

Choose your CleverNFT

CleverDo have 3 NFT’s that can be minted.  Get started with CleverNFT 4B-Share.

Step 02

Sit back and Join the community

Join the CleverDo Community and chat with other investors as you watch you dividends grow. 

Step 03

You Choose the future

Be part of a growing Super App, and reap the benefits of B-Share in CleverDo App, or auction or NFT’s and sell them at a profit. 

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Committed to ensuring you invest safely and responsibly

It’s important for both buyers and sellers to be aware of security. They should ensure they are using reputable platforms and wallets, and be aware of scams and frauds in the NFT space.

To comply with our policies, payouts are processed to CleverDo-issued bank accounts only. Secure your NFT in a CleverDo-provided NFT wallet linked to your CleverDo-issued bank account during transactions.

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Investment Risk Disclaimer:

Investing is inherently risky, and the value of your investments can fluctuate. Investors may not recoup their initial investment. We urge all prospective investors to conduct comprehensive research or seek advice from professional investment advisors. CleverDo does not offer financial advice and is not liable for losses incurred from investment decisions influenced by the information provided.