Pay into your CleverDo Euro Account (IBAN) with Crypto

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Enter your CleverDo IBAN Number

This is a 22 digit number starting with GB XX CLJU.


Enter the Amount you Want to Send to Your Euro Account

It will take up to 3 working days for your Cryptofunds clear.


Pay with NACE

Send your Crypto to the NACE address provided.


Enter your information here and you will be transferred to NACE:

CleverDo CLeverFX Top-Up Your Account

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 ...!

Please be patient! It can take up to 3 banking days.

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your Bank Account

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Send Money

Simplify global transfers with CleverWorld. Send money to friends and family in 150+ countries, 60+ currencies.

Commission Direct

Directly deposit Bitcoin salary and commissions into your Euro bank account with ease.

Send Bitcoin to Euro

CleverFX allows you to transfer Bitcoin directly into your CleverDo Euro bank account.