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Send & Recieve Money with A CleverDo International Bank Account Number

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CleverPay allows you to send and recieve instant transfers between you and your family and friends using the CleverDo App.


CleverDo provides you with a virtual International Bank Account Number (IBAN) giving you a secure place to have your income paid into.


No Monthly Cost

›  IBAN Bank Account

›  No monthly fees

›  Salary account

Loading limit €150

CleverDo Standard Plan


€2 per month

›  IBAN Bank Account

›  Lower Fees

›  Global Payments

Loading limit €3000

Cleverdo Smart Plan
GBP Account Now available at ClevverDO

The GBP is now available to EU users.

The GBP is now available to EU users. We are working hard at CleverDo to bring you more ways to send and receive money around the world. We have currently rolled out the CleverDo bank account halfway round the world to all countries that can accept SEPA transactions. If you

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Coming Soon From CleverDo!

  • One App, One Login Endless Opportunities. 


By upgrading to our CleverDo Smart account you will instantly increase the maximum limit on your IBAN Account.

Gain access to global money transfers, your personal QR code and instant transfers to other CleverDo users.

Other great features will be released shorlty such as cashback, a cryptowallet, savings and mobile phone top-ups.

CleverDo is currently invitation only.  Subscribe for updates.