CleverDo Payment Technologies Ltd

Pushing the limitations of traditional Apps.

The Goal?

To bring online services accessible to everyone globally under a single App.

Who is CleverDo?

The founder and CEO of CleverDO, Poul Erik Andersen, opened CleverDo Holding Ltd in 2020, where the research and development of the CleverDo vision began. 

Mr. Andersen soon realised that Canada is the leading intelligence provider for resource and expert finance analysis in Fintech.  He expanded the CleverDo Group into British Columbia, Canada, CleverDo Payment Technologies Ltd. This is where all the financial compliance and licensing is governed for CleverDo’s financial services.

CleverDo also has operational offices in Spain, CleverDo Services SL, and will soon be opening an office in South Africa.

Prior to forming CleverDo, Mr Andersen was the founder of More2Save.Aps back in 2012. More2Save is a company working with mobile payment solutions, such as tap and go, NFC & mobile wallets.

Having watched with great interest the growth of online payment services and the increased number of mobile apps being used.  The idea of bringing all these services under one App and making it available around the world began…


Mr. Poul Erik Andersen, CleverDo founder and CEO, decided to bring a new generation of Apps to other parts of the world.

“Our mission is to bring a new generation of Apps to all users. The first global reach App!” – Mr. Poul Erik Andersen. 

Who is CleverDo

What can CleverDo do?

The internet has become an essential part of our lives, and our mobile phones have become indispensable. 

We now get paid directly into our banks and can pay our bills through online payment services.  We subscribe to streaming platforms for music, movies and television, as well as buying goods through our favourite ecommerce site.  All these mobile apps we carry around with us every day in our pockets. 

CleverDo is working to bring all these services to everyone around the world, including developing countries where paying online isn’t accessible. 

Still in many countries banking is difficult to obtain and expensive to maintain. It is CleverDo’s aim to provide International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) to as many people as possible. By supplying users with an IBAN we will make the ever-growing list of online services available, more accessible. 

What sparked us?

As the world’s use of online services for everyday transactions grows, there is still around a third of the world’s population left unbanked. This is often because it is difficult to obtain a bank account, or the monthly fees are too expensive to maintain. CleverDo aims to change this.

We have also noted that the number of Apps needed on average every day is increasing. This presents several issues from storage, security and at the same time being extremely inconvenient. 

What’s the solution?

CleverDo provide their users with an IBAN account. Once the user upgrades to the Standard account, they will be able to: 

  • Receive income, salary, commissions.

  • Make International money transfers. 

  • Personal QR for sending and receiving money.

  • CleverPay – Send and receive instant transfers with friends and family using the CleverDo App.

Upgrading to CleverDo’s Smart account allows users to include online services and functionality that fits the user’s needs:

  • Increased account limits.

  • Direct debits and standing orders.

In the future CleverDo users will also have access to:

  • MasterCard prepaid virtual or physical card.

  • ATM cash withdrawals.

  • In App bill payments.

  • Mobile phone top-ups.

  • Cashback on all purchases.

  • CleverDo wallet 

  • CleverDo Pension wallet
  • CleverDo Savings

What’s in the Future for CleverDo?

In the future CleverDo is working towards building a single App with the users most used online services in a global reach Super App. Encompassing all your favourite online services under one App. This will give users not only their IBAN account and all the benefits that come with it but also convenient payment methods such as a personal QR code. It will also give the user access to cashback and rewards enabling them to save money and take advantage of global benefits. 

Our goal is to make this happen by supplying an affordable and accessible mobile App to as many people in the world as possible. 

CleverDo will also be launching its merchant App, bringing digital payment technology to SMEs and micro businesses all over the world. As a merchant user you can take advantage of certification free tap-on-phone technology as well as sending coupons and cashback offers to users locally or globally. 

One App, One Login, Endless Opportunities!