Download the CleverDo App & Unlock the Key to Banking.

Have you have received your invitation to the CleverDo and not yet downloaded the App?

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You are only a few steps away from activating your CleverDo account.  We understand how important it is to be paid in your local currency. 

download the CleverDo App
CleverDo App Unlock Banking

Quick and easy steps to unlock your CleverDo Bank Account.

Download the App

The CleverDo App can be downloaded on an iPhone or an Android.


Enter your Mobile number and Password.

Use the same mobile phone number and password you created on the CleverDo Registration Page. If you don't remember you information contact


Create a Pin

You will be asked to create a 4 digit pin. This will be your security pin, keep it safe.



You have been allocated and IBAN number. You now need to activate it, by adding funds to your account. Send a minimum of 15 euros to your IBAN account and your Euro account will be active.


Send & Recieve Money with A CleverDo IBAN Account.

Bank Account

Digital Friendly EURO Account When You Sign Into CleverDo.

No Hidden Fees

PAY-As-You-Go Banking – No Monthly Fee or Subscriptions.

Instant Payments

Instant Internal Payments Between CleverDo Users

157, 000


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