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Be Clever, Get Smart with CleverDo!

Welcome to CleverDo, where we’re on a mission to revolutionize the way individuals manage their finances. Our commitment is to provide innovative and user-friendly solutions that simplify the complexities of money management, empowering users to make smart financial choices effortlessly.

CleverDo Super App

Driven by our dedication to convenience, security, and transparency, CleverDo is your go-to destination for seamless top-ups, fast money transfers, and favorable foreign exchange transactions. We believe in enhancing financial well-being through technology, making financial interactions intuitive, accessible, and rewarding. 

CleverDo Isn't Just Another Banking Platform

It's a business-to-business, customer-centric solution that aims to empower both individuals and businesses.

Our exclusive, invite-only banking experience enables partners to seamlessly integrate CleverDo into their operations, adding substantial value to their offerings.

Our vision is to provide businesses with a customizable solution that not only grants access to the CleverDo Platform but also reflects their unique identity and preferences. We are committed to delivering a bespoke banking experience tailored to the needs of our partners.

Services CleverDo Offers Today

CleverDo's banking platform offers a range of services designed to simplify and enrich financial interactions.

EURO IBAN Bank Account: Seamlessly integrate into the European financial landscape with your own EURO IBAN bank account, ensuring easy transactions and accessibility.
Enjoy the efficiency and reliability of SEPA transactions, facilitating smooth, cross-border payments within the European Union.

Internal Money Transfers: Empower CleverDo users to transfer money effortlessly from one user to another, enhancing the platform’s user-friendly and interconnected nature.

Direct Commission Deposits: Unlock convenience by adding commissions directly to your CleverDo bank account, streamlining financial processes and maximizing efficiency.

Global Money Transfers: Access a world of possibilities with our capability to send money to over 150 countries in more than 60 different currencies, ensuring a truly global and connected financial experience.

CleverDo's Vision For The Future

CleverDo Super App! A holistic financial ecosystem.

We envision CleverDo evolving into a holistic financial ecosystem, offering a selection of services to meet the diverse needs of our users:

Expanded Remittance Services: Enhance our remittance services for swift, secure, and cost-effective global money transfers.

Payment Cards: Introduce payment cards for seamless access to funds for both online and offline transactions.

Electronic Cards and EPos: Introduce electronic cards and Electronic Point of Sale (EPos) solutions, revolutionizing digital transactions.

Personalized Banking Solutions: Tailor services to meet individual preferences and financial goals.

Payment Gateways: Facilitate seamless online transactions with robust payment gateways.

CleverDo's Commitment to Financial Excellence

We prioritize security and transparency as the cornerstones of our offerings

Exclusive Access: CleverDo’s financial services are reserved for invited users with a business client history, ensuring a curated community of trusted individuals.

Stringent Security Measures: Implement regular PEP and KYC checks to maintain the highest standards of safety for our users.

AML Monitoring: Conduct continuous Anti-Money Laundering (AML) monitoring to ensure a secure and compliant financial environment. 


CleverDo stands as a fortress of reliability, where transparency meets security. Our mission remains steadfast: to be the catalyst for a smarter and more connected financial world. Be Clever, Get Smart with CleverDo!