We are working hard at CleverDo to bring you more ways to send and receive money around the world.

We have currently rolled out the CleverDo bank account halfway round the world to all countries that can accept SEPA transactions.

If you are one of our EU SEPA users and have upgraded to our Smart Plan, you will now be able to add a GBP account to your CleverPay. This allows you to make transfers even quicker and cheaper than before.


What is SEPA?

Single Euro Payments Area allows users to make Euro payments to anywhere in the European Union, as well as a number of non-EU countries. Its a safe and efficient way to send and receive money.


What’s coming soon inside the CleverDo App?

You will soon be able receive commissions and salary through the CleverDo App. 

Also, you will soon be able to send cross boarder money transfers. Instantly send money to international bank accounts, Visa/Mastercards cards, China UnionPay or to other digital wallet

CleverDo is an Invitation Only App.

If you have received your invitation and haven’t yet downloaded the App. 

Now is the time! 

Click below and download your exclusive access to the CleverDo App. 

CleverDo Is invitation only.
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