157,000 users have downloaded the CleverDo App

With over 150,000 users on a global scale, CleverDo has not only achieved a strong user base but also managed to expand its offerings. These include the rollout of its Euro IBAN bank account in 61 countries worldwide and the introduction of the GBP account, with more exciting new features on their way.

Rollout of Euro IBAN Bank Account

One of CleverDo’s standout features is the release of the Euro IBAN bank account. With the Euro IBAN account, users can send and receive funds in euros with ease, using the Euro SEPA transfer system as well as its peer-to-peer instant transfer method CleverPay


CleverDo GBP account now available.

The CleverDo App Release of the GBP Account

CleverDo now offers more than just the Euro IBAN account. The CleverDo App recently announced the release of its GBP account (Great British Pounds), bringing the opportunity for users in the United Kingdom to make domestic transfers using their account number and sort code.

Exciting New Features on the Horizon

The CleverDo App is set to introduce a range of exciting new features including:

Commissions and Salaries: These can now be paid directly into your CleverDo Euro IBAN bank account.

Alternative Payment Methods: CleverDo will be adding new ways for users to send and receive funds worldwide, making transactions more convenient and adaptable to individual needs.

With the introduction of the Euro IBAN bank account, the release of the GBP account, and the promise of exciting new features like alternative payment methods there are exciting times ahead for CleverDo and its growing user base. 

Stay tuned for the next chapter in CleverDo’s remarkable Journey!