We at CleverDo have developed a convenient financial app that we are launching to the users in the Digital Partners Network PLC (DPN). 

Originally, the primary goal of CleverDo was to cater to the fast-growing mobile wallet client base in South Africa and other nearby expanding markets. It is now expanding its reach to a global level. CleverDo has joined forces with DPN and will develop a long-term collaboration with the UK-based company to bring our app to users everywhere. DPN is a user-driven company, with user representation in around 200 countries, that sources and promotes new digital products with a focus on the fintech and digital media industries.

A Bright Future

We at CleverDo are very excited about our strategic partnership with DPN. The promising fintech solutions we are promoting together will be a game changer in everyday business life for a lot of people all over the world. For example, we will be able to provide International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) to people in many developing countries that have been lacking this opportunity until now. Pretty soon we will also have a cryptocurrency-enabled digital mobile wallet with several useful features that can assist everyone from private individuals to small business owners, as well as fast-growing, ambitious entrepreneur-driven companies. We believe the future of DPN looks bright when you consider all of the strategic relationships being finalised with different partners. We see a real possibility for fast growth and long-term profits together with DPN, their users and a promising stable of products and services.

CleverDo Launch

Coming soon with CleverDo

For the time being, CleverDo will distribute your shares statement and shortly you will have the opportunity to:

  • Have a virtual IBAN account for your income to be paid into
  • Send and receive payments, to and from, countries all over the world. 
  • Transfer money using CleverPay for instant transactions to family and friends using the CleverDo App.
  • Use your unique QR code for making and receiving payments.

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If you want to learn more about Digital Partners Network PLC (DPN), please visit their website: www.DPNetwork.com/about/

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